The Life’s Wanderer

What will you do when you are lost in your life?

Had you ever ask yourself, friends, god or even the wall in your room?

why are you born into this world?

What is the purpose to complaint about your life?

Just keep on moving, stay strong and work hard!!!

The reason that you are even looking into this blog is because:

1.) I decided to share out my personal life experience hoping that it might save somebody’s life

2.) I am still having a good life with a house (struggling to pay), A car (spoiled), Friend ( LIMITED), Work ( Just starting).  Mobile phone (3 months bill never pay). a debt worth RM14,000 (4,500++ usd)…. my life is still better compare to most of the other poor country, but again this is not the reason for me to slow down and be a useless motherfucker…gotta work hard!!

3.) I decided to use this as a tools to release my tension and allow more (HUMAN) to connect with me …to share the knowledge and experience of life while helping each other out in many forms and many ways.

4.) And I will not update this blog very often, because I have to make sure that every post is worth reading.

Let the Magic Begin….


How about you? wanna share it out?

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