After Such a Long long Time

You all read before all my other post regarding about my life and a little bit of myself no matter whether it is about love, financially or my personal encounters but finally, I found a job and started working with this Japanese Company LCO-Creation Inc. starting from 10th September 2012 till today that means I am capable of clearing my debts!!! So far, I had clear off at least 2% from my total debt!!

Currently the company I am working now is about creating exposure for others by using just only technology (basically 99% go green) and I am not sure I should feel lucky or sad about it as I have face a lot of trouble and issue as I am the only person in Malaysia that they hired, I have to finish up all the job all by myself yet the best part is this company just started up 1 year ago plus they don’t even have any proper document nor system, the problem I am facing right now is:

1) Venture Capitalist back in HQ that is going to cut off our basic salary!!!

2) New start up ( Barrier Entry Market) for the company that I am working

3) How do I gain sales if there is no exposure for my company or I should say that we don’t even have any position in the market?


I had sorted out this problem as I propose to them that Malaysia will be the first that will launch the project for big players to join in and if this works out then my basic will be maintain & this idea will be bring out to the country that LCO-Creation Inc. is in. i discuss the Pro & Con’s with the Vc that they will lose all their men and this will greatly affect their business if they continue to have this stupid idea of removing the basic and hiring part time student. I quarrel with them almost two weeks regarding about this and yet they still continue with this plan. Guess what? Thailand team straight left the company while Cambodia and Vietname became MIA!! Lucky that my basic is still save and Malaysia will maintain the same plan that i propose to them!! I am just being lucky that after the proposal that I send it to them, there is two company that would like to sign up with me. With this result, I took it to the HQ and bitch slap every Venture Capitalist that greatly admiring their own decision.


LCO-Creation Inc. started up since 1 year ago, their main purpose is to cater Japanese Tourist with technology so that they can travel around without any language barrier, maps and etc. Right now, LCO-Creation Inc. is in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailan, Vietnam, Cambodia. Whichever country that they are in, the Japs will gain all the information such as restaurant location, maps and etc. (this is not war don’t worry)

I decided to turn their company into a whole new direction which is Exposure as the service they are providing is better in doing exposure while maintaining what they are having right now without increasing any cost yet better repackaging to market it. With this new direction, I manage to tie up with two company and a lot of other big players that I still need to arrangeĀ  meet up with them so that I am able to explain to them what is going on and the best part is with this services, they will save a lot of operation marketing cost plus increasing their sales!

So far, I manage to build up the company base bit by bit and I believe that one day, this company will get it’s root deep enough in Asia as right now this is a pioneer project and pioneer company that is doing this is Asia and even though I am doing this all by myself, with 23 years of experiences, 23 years of pain & suffer, 23 years of efforts to survive, I believe that IĀ  can create magic and wonders with my heart, my soul, my brain and with my bare hand!!!

-Nothing is Impossible, what you need is wisdomUmbrella Corporation taught me Well – ( Unknown)

-Always hunt to be the best in what you are doing and Success will hunt you down- (3 Idiots Movie)