After Such a Long long Time

You all read before all my other post regarding about my life and a little bit of myself no matter whether it is about love, financially or my personal encounters but finally, I found a job and started working with this Japanese Company LCO-Creation Inc. starting from 10th September 2012 till today that means I am capable of clearing my debts!!! So far, I had clear off at least 2% from my total debt!!

Currently the company I am working now is about creating exposure for others by using just only technology (basically 99% go green) and I am not sure I should feel lucky or sad about it as I have face a lot of trouble and issue as I am the only person in Malaysia that they hired, I have to finish up all the job all by myself yet the best part is this company just started up 1 year ago plus they don’t even have any proper document nor system, the problem I am facing right now is:

1) Venture Capitalist back in HQ that is going to cut off our basic salary!!!

2) New start up ( Barrier Entry Market) for the company that I am working

3) How do I gain sales if there is no exposure for my company or I should say that we don’t even have any position in the market?


I had sorted out this problem as I propose to them that Malaysia will be the first that will launch the project for big players to join in and if this works out then my basic will be maintain & this idea will be bring out to the country that LCO-Creation Inc. is in. i discuss the Pro & Con’s with the Vc that they will lose all their men and this will greatly affect their business if they continue to have this stupid idea of removing the basic and hiring part time student. I quarrel with them almost two weeks regarding about this and yet they still continue with this plan. Guess what? Thailand team straight left the company while Cambodia and Vietname became MIA!! Lucky that my basic is still save and Malaysia will maintain the same plan that i propose to them!! I am just being lucky that after the proposal that I send it to them, there is two company that would like to sign up with me. With this result, I took it to the HQ and bitch slap every Venture Capitalist that greatly admiring their own decision.


LCO-Creation Inc. started up since 1 year ago, their main purpose is to cater Japanese Tourist with technology so that they can travel around without any language barrier, maps and etc. Right now, LCO-Creation Inc. is in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailan, Vietnam, Cambodia. Whichever country that they are in, the Japs will gain all the information such as restaurant location, maps and etc. (this is not war don’t worry)

I decided to turn their company into a whole new direction which is Exposure as the service they are providing is better in doing exposure while maintaining what they are having right now without increasing any cost yet better repackaging to market it. With this new direction, I manage to tie up with two company and a lot of other big players that I still need to arrange  meet up with them so that I am able to explain to them what is going on and the best part is with this services, they will save a lot of operation marketing cost plus increasing their sales!

So far, I manage to build up the company base bit by bit and I believe that one day, this company will get it’s root deep enough in Asia as right now this is a pioneer project and pioneer company that is doing this is Asia and even though I am doing this all by myself, with 23 years of experiences, 23 years of pain & suffer, 23 years of efforts to survive, I believe that I  can create magic and wonders with my heart, my soul, my brain and with my bare hand!!!

-Nothing is Impossible, what you need is wisdomUmbrella Corporation taught me Well – ( Unknown)

-Always hunt to be the best in what you are doing and Success will hunt you down- (3 Idiots Movie)

The downfall of an Enterpreneur

<Google is the best Dictionary>

When you need someone to teach you how to operate your life, Google is always there for you

You will understand when you finish reading this blog

When you have the Opportunity to leave your company, live a good life by having a small business all by yourself, does that sound promising to you? Or would you prefer something so huge that it will definitely leave a good impression to your country or your community?

I was once being motivated by my dream, people and resources to operate my own business, everything started smoothly and business is coming in and more business is pouring in as this mean great but there will always be a hole created just for you to fall. From my previous blog I believe that you all understand what situation I am in right now and I am trying to fix it as fast as possible and as hard as it can be. Till today I still can’t accept that my Business failed, but then I am thinking why not let me share it out together with you all the story of an Entrepreneur that goes down hill.

According to, there is 6 reason that why a newly establish entrepreneur will fail in their business venture. Exp:

1. They start a business for the wrong reasons.

2. They don’t develop the essential qualities of successful entrepreneurs.

3. They don’t have enough come-up capital.

4. They immediately seek grants, investors or substantial loans.

5. They don’t understand and underestimate the power of marketing.

6. They focus on fixing their weaknesses.

<Please go through the whole webpage link before proceeding to the next paragraph>

My business failed is connected to number two, four, five and six. Let me explain why and how I fall into all this category and the worst part is my business is a partnership business which will lead to even more troublesome conclusion.

I started out my business with the right decision and choice, I found a 2 friend that soon became my business partner without any agreement document (wrong move), but the nature of my business does not need us to come up with any huge capital so we are able to proceed and grabbed a lot of business deal. I split up my business partner according to their capability which is Marketing, Event Consultant, Advertisement and I am in-charge for overall dealing and decision making. I came up with the idea of fair profit sharing and everything went so well that I didn’t notice that I am actually making a very wrong decision. My Business covered a lot of different aspect but everything is related to service industry.

<The Break Down>

So now you all understand that my business is a “Service” type, low cost high profit, moving on to the right direction as I fully covered the whole business structure from Marketing to closing down the deal. The main reason of the break down? Partnership issue and non focus for one type of service.

I tried to cover too many different type of business dealing which eventually boil down to the issue that there is not enough time to handle everything with the limited human capital that I have. I tried to control myself and even call off a few deals just to cater the one that is in hand first but things turns out to be even more ugly as one of my partner decided to be a jack ass by giving us all excuses and quarreled happen between business partners that jack ass even cause us more trouble that involve us to Police case. I can’t blame them as it is my mistake for not choosing the right person into this business venturing. I tried to survive all by myself without actually having proper meeting with my partner and the line is not clearly drawn, which resulted every partner is doing their own way as none of us share the same Vision nor mission. I dare to say that our service is the best which is fast and efficient yet affordable, but without the team work, the whole company started to crumble and non of us are able to survive, for them, they can just proceed with their life and work for others while this company is my dream, my bridge to bring me back to Switzerland. I can’t let it go without giving it a last shot till well few months back I decided to give up and have a normal labor life.

From my previous post, you will understand my situation and now you will understand that I am the one that cause myself to be in this position. Everything had fallen apart, and yet I am still trying my best to survive to make sure that one day, I will be back with even more experiences, networking and proper business plan and business partner.


1. Never rush into making any decision by yourself.

2. Learn how to let go.

3. Choose the right person for the right job.

4. Always state down an Agreement between partners in business to make sure that everyone understand that this is not a joke.

5. Never allow yourself to be control by your pride, ego and Emotional.

6. Always learn from your mistake as it is the only way to rescue yourself from going even deeper mistake.

7. Always follow your vision and mission that you set and stay focus with it.

8. Always prepare sufficient credit for your business.

9. Proof to yourself first before inviting investors to invest in your company.

10. Advise can come from anyone but good advise never comes cheap.

11. Never give up even if you fail more then 300 times.

12. Don’t get greedy.

13. Never mix up the 5 element for a peaceful life which is:

         – Family

         – Personal

         – Business

         – Money

         – Friend

<Google has everything that I wrote down here and lesson that I learned from the hard way>

<but why I didn’t notice about it?>


<Good things never come easy>

<Nothing is Impossible as Impossible is Nothing>

<Failure never determine a person to be a Failure>

<The time when you give up, is the time when you determine yourself to be a failure>

<Work Hard and Work Smart>

Appreciation or Responsibility ?

23rd June 2012, is the day where by it is a big day for me and my future wife (current girlfriend) as it is our 2 years anniversary. For the past few days, I had been thinking that is it because of responsibility of what she did for me in the past few months (8 months) or is it because of the love that we both appreciate it so much that we can’t live without each other?

Appreciation <> Responsibility

I will tell you my story that lead me to this question of whether am I still deeply in love with her or is it because of the “debt” that I owe to her that makes me feel that I must take responsibility of this relationship.

I started my relationship with her at the age of 21 in the month of June. 23rd year 2010. We both studied in the same class but we never talk to each other since the first semester till almost graduation, I made my move and she accepted it. The sad part is, we both live in a different states, and we will be separate for gods know how long, but I took the initiative of coming down to the big city every week and travel back to my small town after accompany her for few days especially during the weekend.

Life was good back then, I had a good income around 1,+++ usd per week during weekdays and travel down to the big city just to accompany her and stay in nice hotel plus accompany her to watch movie and do what most couple will do. One day, I am being force to study my Master (Master in Hospitality Management, Events and Entrepreneur Development) in Switzerland. I have no friend nor anyone in that country so I spend most of my time in the room and calling back to my girl (skype, credits). It is a burden for me when I am there as I spend most of my money and even my parents gave me money too. I kept drinking and doing my assignment all the time. I just want to graduate as fast as I can and wish to go back and see my girl as soon as possible. I had an interview with a few Swiss company, and basically I got a job there, but NO!! I decided to go back to my country because of my girl, if not I will be having a great life in Swiss by now and I will not be facing all the money issue.

I came back to my country, but then I found out that things has change in my country a lot. The job that I had previously for 1,+++ usd commission per week has become hard to do. I can’t afford to have my glorious moment back, same as how I spend my luxurious time with her and staying in hotel is  almost a history for me till today. She cried….she is so touch of what I did for her and I am the luckiest guy as she is not a type of girl that will demand for Gucci Prada or Gordon Ramsay as her chef. She helped me to find a cheap hotel (motel) and stay with me every time when I visit her. We discussed and solve a lot of issue, such as, should I come down to the city and work because I can’t afford to travel down often anymore. My money is so limited and I really need a job badly if I want to sustain my life/relationship with her.

After 3 months of working, I made my fortune and came out with a great business plan, found a few business partner and started my venture until one of my partner decided to troll us all and I fell into a very bad situation which I need to start borrowing money to sustain my company and she started to sense that there is something wrong with me as every time when I meet her up, i will be either tired or in a very bad mood. Finally I broke down and spill everything, she felt guilty as I will not be in this situation if I were to stay back in Swiss. She felt guilty that if I stay back in my hometown, I will not face all this issue at all. She decided to give me all her saving money to me without any second thought to hope that everything will goes back to normal. I told her that I swear that with my life, I will return all the money to her and with my life I will make her proud again to have me as her special one.

My company and I had fallen so deep into trouble that even all her saving and ideas hardly change anything but my situation worsen. I am surviving my life now with only 5 usd per day and I still have a lot of debts that I need to clear off, so I decided to get a job again but this time, it is hard. I worked with a company for a month but they never pay me ( all the staff) too. I can’t take it anymore so I changed my job again but they will only hire me back at this month end. As days pass by, she kept encouraging me to not lose faith in myself, don’t give up and I know I won’t because I made a promise that I will make her proud.

23rd June 2012, this coming Saturday, it will be our anniversary but, I don’t even have any extra money to buy anything or celebrate with her. I felt so useless, but again everyday I am trying to find extra money from doing site job at home for people to make a few bucks. I am trying to survive. Something struck me in my mind as I started thinking, Why am I still in this relationship? why is it that she is still in this relationship? I started to think that is it because of the promise? is it because of the debt that I owe to her? Is it that I am as guilty as how she feels? I decided to calm myself down and starting to gaze into my memory till today and I found out why that I am still in this relationship.


The answer is simple


We are still young and energetic

We still believe that “the day” will arrive

We are still waiting for the miracle to happen to both of us

We still believe that nothing is impossible and nothing will stop us

We are still deeply in


“No matter what happen in this world, No matter what happen to the society, as long you “Believe” it, there is always hope”

“The day when you are in a coffin, that is the day whereby you can tell others, I tried my best”

“Die trying & Keep Fighting”

” Always Appreciate”


 ” Be grateful”

All of Me

When I am down in my life, music…a true classical piece of instrument will really cheer up my day and sometimes it will inspire me to even do more greater work or spice up my idea for my job. This is one of my favorite, by Jon Schmidt, All of Me, got it from The Piano Guy in youtube. Hope you all enjoy it. Cheers and have a great day.

The Life’s Wanderer

What will you do when you are lost in your life?

Had you ever ask yourself, friends, god or even the wall in your room?

why are you born into this world?

What is the purpose to complaint about your life?

Just keep on moving, stay strong and work hard!!!

The reason that you are even looking into this blog is because:

1.) I decided to share out my personal life experience hoping that it might save somebody’s life

2.) I am still having a good life with a house (struggling to pay), A car (spoiled), Friend ( LIMITED), Work ( Just starting).  Mobile phone (3 months bill never pay). a debt worth RM14,000 (4,500++ usd)…. my life is still better compare to most of the other poor country, but again this is not the reason for me to slow down and be a useless motherfucker…gotta work hard!!

3.) I decided to use this as a tools to release my tension and allow more (HUMAN) to connect with me …to share the knowledge and experience of life while helping each other out in many forms and many ways.

4.) And I will not update this blog very often, because I have to make sure that every post is worth reading.

Let the Magic Begin….